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About Jaia

Jaia Mara, an Appalachian native, is a dedicated seeker of the sacred, and brings passion, depth and commitment to her work. She is a professional performer and instructor, wedding officiant, and has over twenty years of profound and dedicated study in yoga, folkloric dance, ritual craft and energy work. A sacred movement devotee, she facilitates women’s circles, Sacred Arts Retreats, ritual dance workshops, wellness groups, and shares one on one spiritual coaching.

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sacred movement

By expressing Sacred Movement with the body, we can format new pathways in the body to tune into the divine. Dance and movement were among some of our first forms of medicine and devotion. Through intentional movement, we invite the soul to a deeper journey, abandoning the daily surface mind, and calling up the consciousness to revel in the sacred through movement. Like a key, Sacred Movement can open the doorway between the consciousness and the psyche, and can encourage the two rooms to become one.

priestess work

In Jaia's approach to Priestess work, she bridges the connection between living a life close to spirit and staying centered in today's world. Circle work includes classes to assist women on the priestess pathway, creating customized yoga and lifestyle programs that align with soul purpose, leading holistic wellness retreats that heal and revitalize, as well as assisting folks in starting and connecting with their own conscious collective, group or circle. 



Jaia's 20 plus year experience and connection with Yoga is a deeply spiritual one, calling upon the esoteric teachings of this path to infuse her approach to family, work, play, and life. She is a devotee of Tantra, and teaches asana and yoga philosophy with the same ecstatic approach that she finds in her own dedicated study. Ever a student, Jaia is currently deepening her lifelong studies of yoga in the Samudra School of Living Yoga with Shiva Rea, diversifying her extensive knowledge of this beautiful, complex practice in profound spiritual centers all over the world. 

“Dance becomes sacred as the beauty of movement communicates the divine ideal. In sacred dance, one is found and used by the soul of nature.”

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