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In this Vinyasa class, we will follow a gentle flow of yoga movements lead by the breath to deepen out connection with the body. Connection between breath and body leads us to greater awareness, and fine tunes the subtle messages we receive from the body in our move meant practices, and in our daily lives. Learning to nurture this re-union expands our physical capabilities, strengthens our muscular system, aligns the skeletal system, and allows us to play in the practice, as we invite Prana, vital life force, to seep into the nooks and crannies of our bodies, our consciousness, and our life. This yoga flow will warm the body and give us sustaining energy to keep us aligned along the path. 

Vinyasa Yoga class
1.5 hrs

Shakti Rising
2-4 hrs

The Kundalini Shakti Energy is constantly flowing through the Universe. It is often called the manifesting energy and can be viewed as the force utilized by the creator forming creation. Human beings have access to this energy through a portal at the base of the spine, where this energy lies coiled and dormant until it is awakened. 


This class starts with a small discussion about the Kundalini, how to awaken it, how it can be utilized, and what happens upon ascension. We will then move right into breath work and movements that are specific to awakening the coiled energy, and end with a serpentine flow to coerce the energy to come alive. This can often clear a path to higher states of creativity and deeper levels of consciousness. This awakening is a life long journey and should be practiced under the guidance of an established practitioner. This workshop is meant to provide introduction to the ancient practice. 

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