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Priestess Pathway

8 week series or retreat format

The Priestess Pathway enrichment course is a series of classes and workshops that lead seekers toward a life aligned with spirit. We often hear the soul call and feel the strong pull toward the divine, but then what? What happens next? This call is an awakening that is guiding us toward our higher purpose, the signal that we are leveling up. In order to ride the wave of energy building around this purpose, not only should we seek the tools to facilitate this growth, but engage them often in the form of practice.


In this series we will cultivate a deeper understanding of these tools as: energy work and flow, the understanding of the subtle bodies, Shakti awareness, Elemental Alchemy, Chakra work, meditation, archetypical mapping, ritual practice, visioning and journey work, and creating a lifestyle closer to nature.

This series can arm you with the tools to elevate your own spiritual practice, provide the structure to create your own intentional group or circle, or reach out to empower others to listen to their own higher calling. Stepping in to the Journey of the Priestess will open the consciousness and allow you align with your higher self, reveal the grace of your true nature, and uncover the pathway to your own innate wisdom that you are already home. 

Email Jaia for more details about this powerful journey.

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