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Sacred Dance workshop
2-4 hrs

In this series of workshops, we will explore intentional group movement through elemental and celestial mimicry, geometry, mudra and namaskars to channel the Divine Ideal through the body vessel. We will use shape and number much like the way these values are used in mandala creation to call specific energies to our dance. This simple but powerful movement phrase will allow the body to move as prayer in puja or ritual dance that will express a common narrative through connection to self, one another, and the divine. The culmination of these methodologies will allow the dancer to format pathways between the brain body connection that bring empowering flow of energy that translates to self and stage. You can keep this series for yourself, use it personally in your meditation or celebration practice, or share it with your tribe, family, circle, or use it with a group when applicable.

Circling the Square Workshop
2-4 hrs

We hear the term "Sacred Geometry" everywhere, but what exactly is it? "Sacred" is the devotion to a higher purpose or the divine, and "Geometry" is how number is expressed in space. Because all matter can be compared or reduced to mathematical or numerical value, then the study of sacred geometry could be viewed as our search for the divine design. Dance or movement are seen as among our first languages, it reaches beyond vocabulary and unites the body, heart, mind and spirit. Intentional movement has the ability to express the divine ideal as one of the most elemental forms of the soul's expression.

This class will allow us to explore some of the symbols, shapes and number values that inundate our daily lives. We will repurpose these concepts with a sense of devotion and explore them through yoga, dance, and conscious movement. Such work will give us insights into the way in which we exist on the earthly plane, and lend greater knowledge of the sacred matrix that is all around us. 

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