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Upcoming Retreats

India Retreat
October 1-12, 2024

Early registration is now until March 21st! Mark your calendars for an incredible opportunity to study at the source waters of Yoga in Northern India, and fully embody the richness of this beautiful practice during Sharad Navaratri!

Join us for a one of a kind Yoga & Bhakti pilgrimage to India for Sharad Navaratri, with Jaia and her Guruji, Seema Agarwal, daughter of the late yoga master, Harish Johari.


This journey will offer an immersive experience with Devi through daily yoga, mantra, yantra drawing, Devi temple excursions, intro to tantric practices, delicious high vibrational meals, shuttle to and from excursions, and lodging.

Make your down payment now, and update your passport! The dates for this retreat are October 1-12, 2024.


Please feel free to reach out with any questions. This will be Jaia’s 3rd pilgrimage to India.


Past Retreats

R.i.T.H.M. Retreat (2022)

A deepening. An expansion. A connection. A return to whole self.


Join us as we circle together on the ancient soil of the East Tennessee Appalachian Mountains for this unique and ecstatic journey of creative practices, ritual craft, and the sacred path of self discovery. 


Through classes, playshops, and info shares, we will:

  • explore the art of chant, song and drum; 

  • move through ritual dance, yoga and improv flow;

  • practice esoteric readings, journey work, and labyrinth meditation; 

  • learn the elements and tools of creating rituals and pujas. 


This retreat will feature a diet-accommodating Ayurvedic meal plan, as well as gorgeous outdoor living space for 4 days! Our retreat space offers several lodging styles, from comfortable shared yurts with beds, to outdoor glamping in Bell tents with raised beds, and there's the option to BYO tent and bedding. The open air shala overlooks the valley of this 120 acre property, while the indoor space offers reprieve from the elements in a beautiful walled yurt. There's also an amazing outdoor kitchen and fridge for personal storage. Registration is limited, with only 16 available spaces. We are also offering a scholarship opportunity for a seeker who might need a bit of support on this journey. 


This expansion will deepen awareness of self, reliance on one another in community, our connection with nature, and in the web of life. 

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